U4 Expectations


  • teach them which way to go
  • how to stop the ball
  • how to run, jump, hop and skip
  • introduce how to pass and shoot
  • introduce how to dribble the ball

• A coach from each team will be on the field directing (coaching) the players

• Parents provide lots of encouragement – they may still come on the field with their child if necessary. Only children may contact the ball

• 2 – 15 minute halves with a 10 minute snack break between. (Times may vary slightly – up to coach’s discretion

• Short shifts – approx. 2 minutes – again, up to the coach’s discretion

• Each team can be split into 2 shifts (generally based on age of players, but assertiveness (or being timid) comes into play as well)

• Coaches discuss beforehand how they are dividing their shifts

• No scorekeeping

• Parents can space themselves around the playing field. If the ball is headed out of bounds, parents just redirect it back into play

• Lots of positive encouragement and have fun!

• Let the kids play –“let the game be the teacher”. Each player will develop at their own pace