2023 Coaches Clinic U05-U15

Hello Soccer Fans…      Thanks for signing up as a coach, now you are looking for some drills and ideas for your practices.       Here is a list of some sites that we have found with good content.       We have provided our Presentation

https://www.soccerxpert.com – under Soccer Drills, they break down activities by age group.

https://www.soccerdrive.com – Free and Paid Content for Drills and Practices plans.      Drills can be a little advanced, consider dropping down an age group

https://www.miltonmagic.com/page/show/5077315-suggested-drills-by-age – an Ontario Club that has a bunch of drills and plans by Age.

Mojo – Free app with Free and paid content – can build a practice plan with activities based on what you enter for your team.     Warning!!    Their Sales people will contact you to get you to sign up for the paid subscripti0n.

For our U09 and above groups, understanding the rules is key.     Here are some resources for understanding the rules….

  • Download the IFAB Laws of the Game app from your favourite App Store.  This is a searchable tool for Laws (Rules)
  • Alberta Soccer 7v7 Rules U9-U11  This is the supplement for our U09-U13 game play both in House and High Country Leagues
  • Alberta Soccer 8v8 Rules U13-U15/17  This is the supplement for our U15 and U17 High Country Leagues.
  • League Rules 2023. This is the supplement for travel soccer in the High Country League.