Hello Soccer Fans….   Welcome to the 2021 Spring season.     Registration is upon us, and we wanted to let you know what we know.       The theme of this year will be “Flexibility”….

First, we have opened registration without a clear outline from Alberta Soccer and the Chief Medical Officer.     Based on what we know and what we expect to see over the next 5-6 weeks, we think we are ready to run a program.     The one thing that I need to tell you is this, as things get announced we may have to make changes.

We have clarified our refund policy at the bottom of the “about us” page on the website.    You can cancel anytime up registration closing if the program hasn’t evolved to your needs for 100% of your fees.    Once the season starts, there is a prorated refund in place less $25 admin fee.

There will be no late registrations accepted, as the HRMS Board has a lot of work to do before we start play to submit our registrations to the Soccer District.

So what is new…..

Travel Soccer – u09-U15+ ($175)

Teams will be limited to 14 players and 2 coaches.  We are anticipating a season with games twice a week and a practice once a week.      This is fewer players than previous years, so more on field time.     Saturday Games are being introduced this year to make sure we can manage the cohorts and a couple 2 week breaks per guidelines.   Games will be in High River, Okotoks, Red Deer Lake (south of Calgary), Vulcan and Turner Valley.    We will need 2 volunteer Coaches and a Team Manager (for COVID Tracking) per Team.

*   U09 Games Tuesdays and Saturdays – Practices Thursdays
*   U11 Games Wednesday and Saturdays – Practices Mondays
*   U13 Games Thursdays and Saturdays – Practices Tuesdays
*   U15+ Game or Practice Mondays and Fridays – second Game Saturdays

House Soccer – u09-U13 ($110)

We will be limiting each age group to 40 participates so each team will be 10 players.     All Games and Practices will be in High River.  We will need 2 volunteer Coaches and a Team Manager (for COVID Tracking) per Team.

*   U09 Practices Mondays OR Thursday, Games Saturdays
*   U11 Practices Tuesdays OR Thursdays, Games Saturdays
*   U13 Practices Mondays OR Wednesdays, Games Saturdays

Festival Soccer – u05 – U07. ($95/$110).

Honestly, these age groups are the least clear.     We are still working through the details of how best to run this age group given the guidelines we are anticipating.   The biggest challenge here is the number of parent volunteers typically needed to run the program effectively, and how that will affect cohort groups.  Currently we are anticipating the following.   The only other change here is U05 has been changed to 45min and the cost lowered to $95.

*   U05 Training Tuesdays OR Wednesdays, Games Saturdays
*   U07 Training Tuesdays OR Wednesdays, Games Saturdays

Lots of information and for that I apologize.   If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact info@highriversoccer.ca


Bob, for the HRMS Board