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U7 Week1

– Have FUN
– Encourage
– Support
– Success – break down tasks, identify improvements, celebrate work/attempt
– Water and quick cool downs as needed
– These are timed events (about 10 minutes), don’t rush to complete all step but progress through the skill levels until all players have an understanding of the skills. Not all stations are required to be completed.

Week #1 – Ball Control

Warm up Activity – one ball, group in a circle, pass the ball, introduce players.

Station #1 – Ball Switch
Purpose: To teach players to move with the ball, going back and forth from the start to finish.
1. Simple run with no ball to the finish, shout “Freeze” and all players should stop where they are. Then continue
2. Have the players kick their ball back and forth, slowly. Repeat until players keep the ball close while kicking (no more than a couple feet in front of the player). When you shout “Freeze” have them stop, put their foot on top of the ball.
3. Next round go faster dribbling the ball. Repeat as necessary, shouting “Freeze” to mix it up
4. Try to move the ball while walking backwards, using your foot to pull the ball with you,
5. Roll the ball under your foot and leave it behind you, turn around and start going the opposite direction
6. While the players are dribbling from start to finish, shout “Switch” and get the players to roll the ball and go the opposite direction.
Options: Shout to run “Sideways, Backwards, Hop, Crawl”

Station #2 – Simon says.
Purpose: Individual ball control.
1. Demonstrate: 3 Basic techniques. Throwing the ball up in the air and catch it, throw the ball in the air and use your knee/thigh to hit it, drop the ball on their foot and kick it up.
2. Play simon says. “Catch the ball”, “Use your feet”, and “Use your knee”. Make sure players play the game, catch those that do the action without saying “Simon says..” Don’t make them sit out, just identify listening skills.
3. Try introducing “Use your Head” or “Inside foot” or “Chest”.
4. Add a sequence: Knee to knee, Knee to feet, Head to Knee, etc.

Station #3 – Obstacle Course
1. Run through the course:
a. Sideways running switching between cones (zig zag pattern),
b. Run backwards,
c. Jump over / crawl under the gates,
d. Weave around flags
e. Run back.
2. Take a ball slowly through the course.
Add skipping, backwards, crawling, hopping

Station #4 – Catch me if you can.
Purpose: Effective dribbling and take away. Try to reduce the shoving and pushing (Setup: Should have a box defined by pylons about 10ft x 10ft)
1. Every player has a ball, dribble the ball around the box. Keep the ball close, under control. Go slow at first, speed up through the drill
2. Have one ball in your control, dribble the ball have the players chase you around the square. Expand the square as needed.
3. Once the players understand the box, staying outside the box: Have the players try to take away the ball from you. Go slow, have the player that takes the ball to return it back to you and repeat.
4. Have each player do the same, with players that get the ball to return it back to the leading player.
5. Have players continue, but players that get the ball are now the lead and other players will take it away

Station #5 – Race and shoot!
1. Kick the ball from the close cone into the net.
2. Dribble the ball from the far cone and kick it at the net at the closer cone.
3. Try putting a player as a goalie and switch every time, continue dribbling and kicking in the net
4. Have a volunteer or you stand at the close cone, have the players kick around you towards the goal.
5. Have the volunteer/lead play defense, move towards the player but never stop the ball and allow them to shoot.
6. Challenge the players more on defense to get them to kick quicker and not run at the net
7. Have a player play defense, so player versus play with no goalie. Encourage to shoot.

Station #6 – Ball Stop
1. Throw the ball up and catch the ball with hands
2. Throw the ball with a partner, catching with hands
3. Roll the ball to your partner, stopping it with your feet
4. Lightly toss the ball and stop it with your thigh
5. Toss and direct it down toward the ground with your chest
6. Toss and direct it to the ground with your head
7. Toss and direct it back to the player with your head