What’s New in Soccer!

Hello Soccer Fans….  Can you believe it has been one month since we wrapped up our Spring season?

A huge thank-you to everyone who filled in the Survey to give us feedback.    We had over 25% of our membership fill it in and we are listening.      If you are still interested in sending feedback the survey will be open until the end of August at:


HRMSA has been listening to all the feedback and we are wanted to give everyone an update on some changes and exciting news on Fall and Winter Indoor Soccer.

The first change is related to age groups.      We will be shifting from the “Even” age Groups to “Odd” starting with this falls season.      You will now hear us talk about soccer for groups U5 through U17 now.    For more information on Age Groups, check out this announcement.

For those who were frustrated with the old website at www.highriversoccer.com, we were finally able to regain ownership of that domain and it is now redirected back to our current site at www.highriversoccer.cathat is being regularly updated.

Based on feedback from the surveys, the Board has also made the decision to try out some new things for our 2019 spring season.

  1. We are going to add shirt sizing to your registration forms.  This should help get kids in the right-sized shirts.  However, this will mean that we need to start and close our registration earlier so that we can get the correct shirt sizes ordered and delivered before the season starts.  We’re trying out the pilot of this ordering in our upcoming Indoor Soccer Program.
  2. The Travel Team Jerseys are going to be replaced and it was voted in to add team shorts and socks to the standard travel kit.  The shorts and socks will be kept by the players at the end of the season.  We will be investigating designs and suppliers over the winter.  Stay tuned for the “Best-Looking Travel teams” in the Foothills District, next spring – and Congratulations on 2 Golds and a Bronze for the High River Travel Teams this season!
  3. We’re planning some big changes to the program for the U5 and U7 age groups next year.  Based on feedback, these age groups will be driving a pilot program that will be in alignment to some other initiatives in Alberta Soccer.  If you’re interest in helping shape soccer for these age groups, please contactinfo@highriversoccer.ca

Lastly, and most exciting, we are Announcing big changes to our Indoor Soccer Program.    We have secured space in the Cargill Fieldhouse (Rec Plex) on Wednesday Nightsfor Indoor Soccer.      This will be a dramatic change to playing in the school gymnasiums as it is designed for indoor sports like soccer.        We are also piloting the shirt ordering with our Fall and Winter Indoor Programs.    For More info on Indoor Soccer Check out this page.

Of course, we are looking for 2-3 Coaches for each age group and each season.     If you are interested in helping us execute these programs, please contact us at info@highriversoccer.caas well.       Remember, these programs don’t run without great people to help execute them.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from HRMS.

Cheers and see you out on that indoor pitch!